mini stylus pen for gift

The selection of a section Mini -type P L-TP02 Mini -WH lightweight short  “conductive fabric capacitive touch pen” Exquisite product packaging and compact pen body, ultra-textured design

compact mini stylus pen for stylish gifts

The ratio of the stylus on the palm, very small and cute

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Pull up a pen can be extended, in writing painting can be more easily.  Great feature!

Written for the special metal fiber cloth material, than the imagination of many in the soft, will not hurt the screen

Stylus in pink, white, silver colors

First stylus iPhone to write, I feel very smooth, no hyphenation,  smooth contact with the screen

There are 3 colors to choose from, pink -PK PL-TP02Mini , white -WH PL-TP02Mini , iron grayPL-TP02Mini-IG

“Conductive fabric capacitive touch pen” three colors can be used with mobile phone case or cover, metallic stylus pen, you can bring out the taste, not cheap plastic pen body. The writing is very fluent in written form smooth, while the pen body, comfort grip, good grip, good control ! incorporating also very convenient to carry, can be placed in pockets, pencil case or bag, I believe that the introduction of the touch pen, can give Even better, your better choice !

compact mini stylus peneasy to use stylus pen for  gift itemsoft ball point stylus pen

◎ special conductor material, such as finger-like operating on cost-effective, smooth good writing
◎ retractable pens, mini well incorporated
◎ handwriting input, pattern drawing is a good helper
◎ compatible with all capacitive touch screen panel
◎ exclusive soft nib, not to hurt the screen, and keep the screen clean
◎ Washable written

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